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Are you feeling low or
constantly stressed out?

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Do you feel anxious
about 'small' things?

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Are you looking for an
alternative option to help
you feel better within yourself?

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We can help you!


I was happy with the programme, it suited me and it was nice to have a trainer who understood why I was feeling down, or why I hadn’t found the time to make a healthy lunch, or why I had been in bed all day. Having somebody who sympathised rather then getting angry or annoyed with me spurred me on. Unfortunately with depression, not everybody understands it and it’s difficult to explain to people. It has been very encouraging seeing somebody with depression who has come so far and managed to reach your goals! Keep it up!

Just to say thank you so much for making the process easy and allowing an “old” man to remember and be himself with no judgement, just total support…. YOU ROCK!!!

Thank you.

P.S. in case there are any doubts about the success of this training trial look at these results:

  • As a life coach I was coaching nobody (I wasn’t worthy etc) – I have 4 clients currently trying to fit into the schedule.
  • As a H&S consultant I was extremely fearful as to where the next job would come from and how I’d pay the rent… in the first 2 weeks of Jan I’ve had 8 new work instructions out of the blue mostly, with 2 of them on monthly retainers worth over £1000 per month!!!!!

The difference? It can only be me and the way I’m showing up in the world

Sabrina made me feel ‘normal’. Knowing that I was not being judged for being honest about my weaknesses enabled me to relax in her company. Other fitness professionals make or have made me feel very insecure and inadequate about myself but Sabrina was always supportive, understanding and willing to listen, if I felt confident enough to share my feelings.