Oli loses incredible 21kg in 14 months – Inner Strength

Oli loses incredible 21kg in 14 months – Inner Strength

 Hard Work and Consistent Effort Pays Off!

Today, I want to recognise my online client Oli, who has been training hard since August 2016 after a couple of years break from the gym.

Oil wanted a kick back in the right direction and had the intention of just trying out coaching for a month, but he has now been a client for 14 months! His initial goals were to try something different to his familiar body building style of training, to gain strength and to lose some fat. To say he has hit those goals is an understatement: In total he has lost 21kg (46.2 lbs), and added an estimated 57kg (125.4lbs) to his max squat, 30kg (66lbs) to his max bench, and 60kg (132lbs) to his max deadlift which is incredible.

I’ve been keeping Oli on track with monthly training programs consistent of mainly strength based work, video assessments of technique, nutritional guidance and online support. Sometimes I lied a little bit!

There have been tough times and challenges along the way for Oli, but he has been consistent and worked hard throughout, tracking workouts, food, weight change and tackling each training program with enthusiasm.

Oli’s new goal is to build muscle, bulk up and add some more serious gains to his numbers!

If you want incredible results like Oli, or need some new spice in your training life book a consult today.

Online and in person (Cardiff and Newport area) coaching available starting from £50/month. Imagine where you could be this time next year!


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