Client of the Month January 2018 – Steph

Client of the Month January 2018 – Steph

*** Client of the Month***

Congratulations to Steph who is the first ever Inner Strength Client of the month!
When we first started training Steph she said that she wasn’t “much of an exerciser” and she would never set foot in a gym so we began training at home.
Since we started Steph has completed the Couch to 5K program, lost over 20kg and as you can see from the picture she is more than comfortable in the gym!
I asked Steph a few questions about her training experience, check out what she had to say:
I have worked in national sales management roles for my entire
career which means lots of motorway travel and plenty of time
sitting at a desk or in front of clients. I live with my husband Phil and
3 year old son Alfie.

Why did you start training?
I started training because I wanted to be thinner, fitter and stronger. I
have struggled with my weight for all of my adult life and this is
down to two things – I am an over eater and I am fundamentally lazy
when it comes to exercise. I started training because I wanted to
begin to feel comfortable in my clothes, catch up with my toddler
when he ran away and ultimately – live longer! Personal training for
me was my last ditch attempt at something that was going to help me
achieve my goals as well as motivate (and sometime drag me kicking
and screaming) into exercise. It was an attempt at something
sustainable and life changing – not another quick fix fad diet.

How long have you been training for now?
It’ll be one whole year at the end of February!
What’s your biggest achievement in that time?
I have lost 3 stone and 3 lbs to date and I am now only 9 lbs away
from my ultimate weight goal that I set when I started. I have lost
many inches all over my body. Secondly, I can now run 5k without it
killing me – a huge achievement in my mind because when I started
“Couch to 5K” I struggled to run for 90 seconds. And finally, I feel
healthier, stronger, fitter and thinner! Winner!
What’s been your biggest challenge?
I have many challenges and it’s not been easy for me. Firstly, I have
severe “weekend mentality” which Sabrina is constantly trying hard
to help me overcome. I can be self-motivating for 5 days straight and
after a long week at work, Friday night syndrome and a few glasses of
red wine (liquid calories) beckons me.

I am also an over eater so portion control has been a learning curve. I
now log everything I eat in My Fitness Pal which helps me and
Sabrina stay on top of my portion control and weekend syndrome.
Finally, I fall off the wagon quite a bit (maybe once a month). I can be
motivated for weeks on end and then I’ll go off radar for a few days
and eat like no-one is watching. These are all things Sabrina helps me
with and gives me “the look” when I tell her I’ve been naughty!

How would you rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 10?
I would have to say 10. Purely because of the results I have achieved.
It’s not been fast weight lost however, I have kept it off and the
overall trajectory is going downwards. Sabrina has been so
supportive and has been the perfect mix of “home truths” and
“motivation”. I know that if I hadn’t started training I would be sitting
here today 3 stone and 3lbs heavier (and still struggling to keep up
with Alfie).
Anything else you’d like to add?
Just thank you really. I swear a lot at Sabrina and also act like a child
when I’m training most of the time but I really do appreciate her
patience and “you can do this” attitude.
I would recommend to anyone who is in 2 minds whether to train to
take the plunge, invest in yourself and your future. That’s how I see it,
having Sabrina in my life is an investment for me and my health and
because of her I will live longer and thankfully can now catch Alfie
when he makes a dart for it in the Supermarket!
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