Tips for Combatting Gym Anxiety

I meet a lot of people who are scared of the gym, and I get it. Gyms are scary, risky places. Even as a personal trainer and powerlifter I still have moments of terror when I’m in an unfamiliar gym. Over the Christmas break we were staying with friends in Croydon and we went to do a training session in a gym there. Now when we walked into this gym I had one of those moments. It was full of big sweaty men, half naked women and a whole load of machines that I’ve not had a whole lot of […]

Regain your Power

One of the most important things I learnt last week is how to be comfortable with myself. I’ve always been the person that has to look good to everyone else, never say no, or disappoint anyone. Having someone dislike me or letting someone down was pretty much THE WORST thing that could happen to me. I mean, if I thought that someone didn’t agree with something that I’d done it would play on my mind for days, literally. I would replay conversations or even worse, play out conversations in my head that hadn’t even happened yet. If you’ve been there, […]

*Training for Mental Health* I want to feel better but I’m not motivated to exercise!

When we think of motivation, quite often we think of it as something that we must have already or something that we find by luck. You might wish that you had more motivation, that you could dig deep to find motivation, or even think that you’re just “not a motivated person”. Other people who go to the gym and train regularly must be really motivated and have something that you don’t, right? They must just be that type of person. Im just not a motivated person. Is wrong. Nobody is motivated to do something they think they won’t enjoy, regardless of […]

How depression can affect your brain

Depression is a debilitating illness which can affect everything we do. It’s not simply a feeling of sadness. Its symptoms can range from a feeling of hopelessness or despair to irritability and anger, and the inability to perform normal daily activities. Depression can range from milder mood disorders which last weeks or months, to major depressive disorders which can last years. Its causes are not fully known, though research has pointed to stressful life events, genetics, hormone imbalances particularly after pregnancy and during menopause, and biochemical reactions as potential triggers. Recent scientific research has found that inflammation in the brain, […]