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Oli loses incredible 21kg in 14 months – Inner Strength

 Hard Work and Consistent Effort Pays Off! Today, I want to recognise my online client Oli, who has been training hard since August 2016 after a couple of years break from the gym. Oil wanted a kick back in the right direction and had the intention of just trying out coaching for a month, but he has now been a client for 14 months! His initial goals were to try something different to his familiar body building style of training, to gain strength and to lose some fat. To say he has hit those goals is an understatement: In total […]

*Training for Mental Health* I want to feel better but I’m not motivated to exercise!

When we think of motivation, quite often we think of it as something that we must have already or something that we find by luck. You might wish that you had more motivation, that you could dig deep to find motivation, or even think that you’re just “not a motivated person”. Other people who go to the gym and train regularly must be really motivated and have something that you don’t, right? They must just be that type of person. Im just not a motivated person. Is wrong. Nobody is motivated to do something they think they won’t enjoy, regardless of […]

How depression can affect your brain

Depression is a debilitating illness which can affect everything we do. It’s not simply a feeling of sadness. Its symptoms can range from a feeling of hopelessness or despair to irritability and anger, and the inability to perform normal daily activities. Depression can range from milder mood disorders which last weeks or months, to major depressive disorders which can last years. Its causes are not fully known, though research has pointed to stressful life events, genetics, hormone imbalances particularly after pregnancy and during menopause, and biochemical reactions as potential triggers. Recent scientific research has found that inflammation in the brain, […]

4 exercises to boost your body and mind in 2017

If you’re feeling the need to make a change after the Christmas festivities, now’s the time to consider which forms of exercise are right for you. Which workouts to benefit the whole body would fit best into your daily and weekly routines?   Walking An excellent low-impact exercise which can be built into your every-day activities. Best of all, it’s free! It has numerous health benefits. It: Exercises the whole body including the heart. A Harvard study found that walking for 3mph for 30 minutes a day can cut the risk of heart disease in women by up to 40%. […]

How to have a cracking Christmas – without damaging your progress

  Christmas can be a time when we lose sight of our health goals. The truth is, though, there are some simple things we can all do to help us limit the damage the festive season can inflict on us:   Limit the number of mince pies you munch It’s all too easy to get carried away with Christmas treats. The average mince pie has 289 calories, though. So, eating more than a couple over the Christmas break racks up the number of extra calories you’re taking in.   Watch what you nibble at Christmas parties Many of the snacks […]

Can Exercise improve Anxiety, Stress or Depression? – Guest Blog

Can Exercise improve Anxiety, Stress or Depression? – Guest Blog from Fitness HQ In a nutshell, yes! Exercise or even physical activity as a whole can improve anxiety, reduce stress and help relieve some of the symptoms of depression. The benefits of physical activity and exercise on physical health have been well documented over recent years. Some of these benefits include a stronger cardiovascular system, better lung function, improved strength and flexibility and even an improved sex life. However, there is now more research and testimonials from people who used to suffer with one or more of the mental health […]

27 & Going Strong: A Self-doubting Woman’s Perspective Part 2

    It’s Monday. Mood: A little bit prickly. I haven’t touched a weight for a couple of days which is probably why I’m a bit cranky. Monday actually doesn’t generate the kind of loathing for me that it does for a lot of other people, but I do end up pretty caffeined up by the end of the day – “2 coffee Sabrina” is the best kind of Sabrina – after the 3rd coffee things go a bit downhill.  I really love my job but the long days are a killer and 5 am starts – 8:30pm finishes take some getting […]

27 & Going Strong: A Self-doubting Woman’s Perspective

On June 24th I will lift for team GB alongside some of the World’s strongest women. Incredible.       In 2 days I turn 27, and exactly 2 weeks after my 27th birthday I will be standing on a platform attempting to lift as much weight as I possibly can. It’s been an unbelievable journey so far and over the next 2 weeks I hope to share with you a few steps along my journey to the World Championships: training, diet, and general thoughts of the day. This isn’t where I thought I would be at 27; as a teenager I’d envisioned being […]

5 ways to get more active without going to the Gym

     I have a question for you – when is the last time you used your body? Really used it?   “What do you mean? I use my body all the time!” Are you sure? Does your typical day look like this? Get up Get dressed Breakfast Drive to work Sit at desk Get up for coffee Sit at desk Go for Lunch Sit at desk Toilet Break Sit at desk Drive home Pick up dinner on the way/Cook/Order In Watch TV Sleep   If the above looks familiar then please consider my question again. When was the last […]

Could this one training mistake be damaging your chances of success?

Today I would like to talk about a mistake that I see people make every day: training for weight loss. As a personal trainer, almost every single person I talk to have a notion that they would be happier and more confident if they could lose what they feel is excess weight (more accurately, fat). Given my chosen profession I would be mad if I said that losing fat is a rubbish goal, but I do see it another way; I believe the fat would come off (and stay off) if the goal were redefined. The problem comes when we […]