27 & Going Strong: A Self-doubting Woman’s Perspective

27 & Going Strong: A Self-doubting Woman’s Perspective


On June 24th I will lift for team GB alongside some of the World’s strongest women.





In 2 days I turn 27, and exactly 2 weeks after my 27th birthday I will be standing on a platform attempting to lift as much weight as I possibly can. It’s been an unbelievable journey so far and over the next 2 weeks I hope to share with you a few steps along my journey to the World Championships: training, diet, and general thoughts of the day.

This isn’t where I thought I would be at 27; as a teenager I’d envisioned being married with at least a child or 2 by this point, not preparing for a World Championships in a competitive sport. I thought 25 was old. “lol”.

I’m sure I go on about this too much but I’ve struggled with low self-confidence and depression, generalised anxiety disorder, stress and social anxiety throughout my life. While I still struggle with these conditions, I now manage a lot better on a day-to-day basis and I have to say that training has had a significant impact on who I am and how I look at life.

To put it extremely briefly I started regularly training at the gym 6 years ago, intent on digging myself out of depression. I started by just running on the treadmill- nothing too fancy or intense- getting out of the door was the biggest challenge of the day.

4 years ago I made the decision to become a personal trainer following a boost in confidence, a new positive outlook and zeal for life brought about by exercise. I wasn’t strong at all at this point, had no idea how to squat and strained to even lift a barbell.

I discovered that I liked getting physically stronger around 2 years ago and was encouraged to compete by a friend.

I was pleasantly surprised by the first competition.

True, I was surrounded by burly men who look like they eat small children for breakfast, and heavy metal (both musical and weighted varieties) but it turns out that burly men who look like they eat small children for breakfast can be extremely supportive and helpful. I also met and bonded with some amazing women, won my weight class, caught the powerlifting bug and didn’t look back!

The past 2 years have resulted in around an 8-fold increase in strength, and immeasurable increases in confidence, happiness and stress management.

In 2 weeks I will fly out to Texas for the IPF Classic World Powerlifting Championships.

I have to keep repeating it to myself until it sinks in.

Training has been going phenomenally well so far, a small niggle in my knee has me worried over the past few days but hopefully I will be able to hold it together through stretching, massage and chiropractic treatments! I also need to bring my weight down a few of pounds to be within the right weight category, so I’ve got a couple of uncomfortable weeks eating ahead (less cake and biscuits essentially which no one really wants to do) but it’s all necessary.

That’s all from me for now, I’m aiming to do a couple of these posts a week although I hate writing them as they don’t come out quite how I’d like. The hope though is that this might just encourage someone else to get into movement (of any kind). Please do leave me some feedback on whether you enjoyed reading this post, and questions if you have any!

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