27 & Going Strong: A Self-doubting Woman’s Perspective Part 2

27 & Going Strong: A Self-doubting Woman’s Perspective Part 2

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It’s Monday.

Mood: A little bit prickly.

I haven’t touched a weight for a couple of days which is probably why I’m a bit cranky. Monday actually doesn’t generate the kind of loathing for me that it does for a lot of other people, but I do end up pretty caffeined up by the end of the day – “2 coffee Sabrina” is the best kind of Sabrina – after the 3rd coffee things go a bit downhill.  I really love my job but the long days are a killer and 5 am starts – 8:30pm finishes take some getting used to.

My birthday was absolutely lovely last week; I had a half hour lie in and finished work around 1pm which is about as good as it gets.

At the moment I’m really looking forward to deadlifting tomorrow and working out some post-weekend stress. For me, there’s no therapy quite like picking up something really heavy. Secretly I have a little look around the gym to see if anyone is watching – if you’ve ever wanted someone to notice you without being the direct centre of attention you’ll know what I mean. For some reason I’m quite happy to have people watch me but as soon as someone comments, or says well done I feel a little bit embarrassed. No idea why.

I’m 11 days away from competition now so it’s all starting to feel a bit serious. The weights are getting heavy in training and my body is just about hanging on – 3 heavy sessions to go. I hit my target weight on Friday so it’s a matter of staying there from now on which means all my meals pretty much look like the picture above. I did have a pan au chocolat after lunch but considering what I normally eat (a lot of food) I’m sure I’ll be fine. In fact, competition time is the only time I tend to get a little bit more strict with my diet. The great thing about powerlifting is that it only really matters how strong you are, and actually if you focus on getting stronger you can eat more food without doing too much damage to your waistline. There’s a good chance you’ll lose some.

One of my main bug-bears of the fitness industry is that trainers/gurus/nutritionists are regularly seen telling people that certain foods are bad and food x/y/z directly causes illness x/y/z. If anyone tells you something along those lines, ask them for scientific papers proving the fact. This will pretty much tell you whether they are talking out of their backside. The reality is that everyone has a different definition of what is healthy so from my point of view if you eat  a varied diet of minimally processed foods (veggies, meat, fish, eggs, fruit, nuts, beans etc) the majority of the time then a biscuit is not going to kill you. Let’s be realistic here.

This is my buddy at the moment: I’m making sure that I drink 2L of water a day this week so I’m pretty much attached to this water bottle. Next week I’ll have to up my water intake to 4L in order to shed a little more water weight and really make sure that I’m on target. Queue 5 million trips to the loo each day, but at least I’ll be super alert and look good in my clothes!

The picture at the top is from my first British Championships by the way, the squat technique is horrendous but it makes a nice picture. Hopefully I’ll have some better examples after next week.

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